At Energy Market Innovations, we know it’s all about strategy.
      Two areas distinguish EMI’s project approach: Balance and Perspective.

We believe that the strategic challenges facing utilities typically include three equally important strategic dimensions: technical and economic, market, and organizational. While other consulting firms will typically focus their efforts on the technical and economic issues at hand, we place equal emphasis on all three areas. Our project approach is therefore typically organized around these three dimensions to bring our clients a balanced, comprehensive, and hands-on problem-solving approach.

Each project that a client brings to us inevitably involves a dizzying array of issues, dimensions, and challenges. As a first step, and one that we re-visit throughout each project, we work closely with our clients to maintain a focus on those issues and challenges that matter most. Using a variety of risk assessment and prioritization tools, we enable our clients to sort through these challenges and develop a sense of relative priorities to help their organization move forward.

Technical / Economic
The energy industry is deeply rooted in the realm of technology. An incredibly complex array of technology is used to generate, transmit, distribute, and manage energy. Similarly, as a regulated decreasing-cost industry, the economic underpinnings necessitate a highly complicated set of planning, analysis, and optimization tools. In each project, we identify and secure the necessary talent to address the technical and economic dimensions at hand. Most importantly, the technical and economic dimensions are considered alongside the market and organizational dimensions as we develop strategies to succeed.

Much of our work around energy efficiency deals with markets – understanding how markets and supply chain dynamics work, understanding how they can be leveraged to meet our objectives, understanding the key market actors, and being smart about working with the market. EMI draws upon a variety of market research and assessment techniques in order to provide our clients with new insights into their markets that, when combined with the technical/economic analysis, can lead to true innovation in strategy.

Our experience indicates that, all too often, the development of strategy is disconnected from an organization’s capability to implement a strategy. In each project, EMI strives to not only inform and develop strategy, but to then aid in enabling and managing the necessary changes that result from these strategies. Our emphasis on change management is to provide our clients with the perspective and tools necessary to implement strategy – smart strategy based upon a deep understanding of the technical / economic, market, and organizational dimensions.