Here you'll find brief descriptions of recent Energy Market Innovations projects by category. The full reports, where available, are linked below the descriptions.

Program Optimization (Seattle City Light)
Having completed a rigorous assessment of the utility’s portfolio of Energy Efficiency programs for a 5-year planning project, it became clear that there was an urgent need to improve short-term program performance. EMI designed a creative and aggressive approach to optimize key programs. Research tasks were followed by a series of Optimization Workshops that helped define and prioritize opportunities to streamline program delivery and improve overall performance.

Nevada Power Company Air Conditioning Program Design (Nevada Power Company)
Residential air conditioning makes up 40% of summertime load on the Nevada Power Company (NPC) system in Las Vegas. EMI assisted NPC in conducting its assessment of program cost effectiveness and market penetration potential, and is currently providing ongoing strategic and tactical support to NPC.

Detailed Commercial Pilot Program Design (Puget Sound Energy)
Puget Sound Energy recently expanded its energy efficiency offerings to include a slate of pilot programs that will be tested for market effectiveness. EMI conducted local market research and developed comprehensive program plans for five pilot initiatives. Tasks included (1) identification of best practices program models, (2) review of alternative program designs with PSE staff, (3) interviews with local market actors, and (4) the development of detailed program plans including budgets, timelines, and implementation checklists. PSE used these plans as a roadmap to implementing the pilot programs.

California Residential Contractor Program (California Utilities)
While evaluating a standard performance contracting program design that was implemented by the California utilities, EMI and Wirtshafter Associates identified a new program opportunity supporting residential contractors to specialize in energy efficiency. EMI and Wirtshafter Associates conducted extensive market research in this area, including a comprehensive baseline assessment of residential contractor efficiency standard practices, which has since served as the basis for a new and innovative residential contractor program. As one result of this effort, the California Building Performance Contractor (link: now has a foothold representing residential contractors who have built a business model promoting energy efficiency.