Robert Bordner founded Energy Market Innovations as a means of combining his entrepreneurial passion with his interest in long-term sustainable energy futures, and his talent for innovative, insightful research. An economist by training, Rob’s interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy dates back to the early 1980’s. Shortly after transplanting himself in Boston, a college friend referred him to a pioneering wind energy upstart that built the first wind farm in New England (the friend later went on to found PowerLight Corporation). Today, Robert draws upon his unique, broad perspective of the energy and utility industry– including technical, economic, market and organizational dimensions– and his 18 years of consulting experience. With his energy expertise, Robert helps guide clients in new directions and challenges conventional thinking around energy markets. Important influences include Kenneth Boulding and Michael Meade.

Outside of work, Rob spends time with his family, is actively involved with youth in his community, enjoys skiing and backpacking, drives a biodiesel vehicle, and is actively working to reduce his ecological footprint to the size of one off-shore capable sailboat.

Rob holds a B.A. in Economics from Pomona College in Claremont, California, and completed graduate studies for an M.S. in Energy Management & Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ellen Steiner is director of Customer and Market Research at EMI. Coming to EMI after 10 years at Sun Microsystems, Ellen brings significant experience in market research, evaluation, organizational assessment, strategic planning and analysis, business process optimization, program management, knowledge management, human capital management and training design. In addition, Ellen spent over eight years teaching graduate level research methods and statistics courses previously at the University of Denver and online at Jones International University as well as advising over 100 dissertations. Ellen loves to tackle challenging problems and strongly believes in utilizing a pragmatic systems thinking approach to consulting that yields actionable business insights that are customized to the client's needs.

Ellen's office is located in Aurora, Colorado. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, catching both of her son's antics in scrapbooks, trying new recipes, and traveling to warm places.

Ellen holds a Ph.D. in Quantitative Research Methods from the University of Denver, an M.A. in Higher Education Administration from the University of Denver, and a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Delaware.

Jennifer Holmes is director of Business Development. Over the past decade she has been involved in several facets of the utility industry, including impact evaluations, market effects studies, market research, process evaluations, program planning, and strategic planning. She brings to EMI her strong background in program evaluation research, gained primarily through consulting for utilities in both California and Wisconsin. She has a keen interest in providing utility clients with valuable research and actionable recommendations to improve their existing energy efficiency portfolios, create cost effective new programs, and to develop positive collaborative relationships with key stakeholders.

Jennifer’s office is located in Santa Cruz, California. Outside of work, Jennifer’s passions are spending time with her family, raising her two daughters, and enjoying the beautiful outdoors of California’s central coast.

Jennifer holds an M.S. in Mineral Economics and a B.S. in Economics with a business minor, both from the Pennsylvania State University.

Arthur (AJ) Howard is the director of EMI’s practice area in Technical Analysis and Energy Management, and has been passionate about renewable energy and efficiency ever since building a solar car in high school out of foam board, circular reflectors and coat hangers. Getting a little more ambitious in college, AJ led 30 students in the conversion of a Chevy Suburban into a hybrid electric vehicle for a student competition. AJ has also worked at a small start-up selling do-it-yourself house kits, and as a technical consultant to EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, with a focus on consumer electronics and IT equipment. Always yearning for more experiences and information, AJ is also an avid traveler, taking six months to travel Asia and Oceania, primarily in China where he practiced his rudimentary Chinese, before landing in Seattle. AJ brings a variety of technical knowledge and passion to the EMI team and is focusing on increasing utility awareness for efficiency opportunities in IT equipment and data centers.

When not at work, AJ enjoys playing soccer, watching soccer, talking about soccer, rock climbing and finding any other excuse he can to be outside.

AJ holds a B.S. from the Sibley School of Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University.

Jeremy Kraft is an associate director in EMI's Policy, Planning, and Evaluation group. Jeremy has worked in the research field for over 12 years, where he specializes in energy efficiency evaluation and research design. He has been involved with program evaluations throughout the country including programs in Wisconsin, California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Colorado, Maine, and Connecticut. With his mix of experience in the fields of energy efficiency and research methodology, he uses robust and comprehensive research design to provide valuable insights to his clients.

Jeremy is based in Madison, Wisconsin, where he has lived for over ten years. Having spent his formative years in the northern part of the state, he has a fondness for a Friday fish frys, fresh cheese curds, and shoveling snow. These days, he spends his time wandering the Farmer's Market with his family and trying to build bookshelves that stay upright unaided.

Jeremy holds a B.S. in Sociology with a Concentration on Analysis and Research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Donna Whitsett is a managing consultant at EMI with a strong research background in social psychology, including experimental design, sample development, data collection, and statistical data analysis. She is particularly interested in using research to inform behavior-change strategies in relation to energy conservation. Donna has a wide range of experience in research methodology and data analysis. While working as a Research Assistant at a think tank in Houston, Texas, she worked with interview and survey data, focusing on drug abuse and related public health issues. Her research at the University of Washington focused on refining new methods for predicting behavior, specifically, the provision of social support. At EMI, Donna manages a variety of evaluation and market research efforts to inform energy efficiency and demand response programs.

Donna grew up in Texas, where she developed neither a noticeable accent nor a love of barbecue. She loves the natural scenery of the Pacific Northwest, and highly recommends everyone visit Lake Crescent, on the Olympic Peninsula. She occasionally rides her bicycle to work despite the unforgiving hills of Seattle.

Donna holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Houston, and a Ph.D. in Social/Personality Psychology from the University of Washington, Seattle.

Todd Malinick is a managing consultant based in Katy, Texas. He has over 15 years of experience conducting a wide array of quantitative and qualitative research. His expertise covers the areas of study design; survey design and implementation; quantitative and qualitative analysis; face-to-face interviewing; and the design and implementation of focus groups.

Outside of work Todd enjoys the magnificent outdoors, and can often be found fly fishing his favorite local rivers or backpacking and exploring remote places with his wife. Todd also enjoys woodworking and has been trying to replace all the crumbling Ikea furniture in his home with handmade pieces.

Todd holds a PhD. in Sociology from the University of British Columbia, where he specialized in research methodology and environmental sociology. He also holds an M.S. in Forestry Economics from the University of Washington, and a B.A. in Business Economics from the University of Illinois-Chicago.

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Kara Crohn is a managing consultant at EMI. She has over 14 years of research and client management experience in a wide range of settings, including statewide energy efficiency programs, Fortune 500 companies, community-based organizations, and academic outreach programs. Kara brings extensive knowledge of program evaluation theory, qualitative and mixed-methods research designs, evaluation capacity building approaches, training design and training evaluation.

Kara also helps organize events for the American Evaluation Association's Environmental Program Evaluation Topical Interest Group and the Association of Energy Service Professional's Market Research, Evaluation, and Greenhouse Gas Topic Committee.

Kara's office is in Riverside, California (she tries not to taunt her Seattle colleagues about the gorgeous weather in Riverside too often.) Outside of work, Kara loves going hiking with her family, having backyard adventures with her boys, figuring out how to repair the backyard after those adventures are over, and sneaking off to yoga class to maintain the balance, strength, and flexibility needed to keep up with her adventurers.

Kara holds a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis in program evaluation from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a B.A. in Sociology from Hamilton College.

Lisa Perry is a managing consultant working working in EMI’s Policy, Planning and Evaluation practice area. She brings expertise in both economic theory and research methods, with a focus on evaluating how behavioral responses shape the effectiveness of policies and programs.  Her academic background includes applying advanced econometrics, including differences-in-differences regressions, instrumental variables regressions and regression discontinuity, to numerous datasets.

Her academic background includes applying advanced econometrics, such as differences-in-differences regressions, instrumental variables regressions and regression discontinuity, to datasets ranging from air quality readings to medical claims data.

Lisa is originally from Michigan, with a 2-year stint in Washington. D.C. before landing in the Pacific Northwest. Lisa still loves exploring the Pacific Northwest's many wonders, from hiking and camping to year-round farmers' markets and micro-breweries. She also loves traveling, playing tennis, growing vegetables in her backyard and experimenting with new ways to cook those vegetables.

Lisa holds dual degrees in International Relations and Economics from Michigan State University and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Washington.

Jess Chandler is a managing consultant in EMI's Technical Analysis and Energy Management practice area. She has a passion for sustainability and better decision making. Jess primarily works on impact analysis: defining appropriate methodologies and using them to assess program savings. She has experience in building forecasting models, monetizing environmental factors, measuring sustainable development, and assessing cost-effectiveness. Jess’s background in energy policy brings value to utilities facing complex regulatory and legislative landscapes.

Jess is based in Hampton, Virginia, where she can usually be found chasing after her two boys, gardening, running, or reading. She's an active supporter of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and other organizations working to "Clean the Bay."

Jess holds a Ph.D. in Energy Policy and an M.S. in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering - both from Georgia Institute of Technology. She also earned a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering Technology from Thomas Edison State College.

Hannah Carmalt Justus is a senior consultant at EMI. She sees efficiency as an important element of sustainability and hopes to create a stronger link between utility efficiency efforts and the developing sustainability political context. At EMI, Hannah has worked on a number of diverse evaluation and planning projects for utilities across the country. Hannah specializes in process mapping and focuses much of her research on community-based programs and social marketing techniques. Most recently, Hannah managed an evaluation of a community-based program in Wisconsin and conducted research on customer engagement strategies throughout the United States. She previously worked in New York City for Seamus Henchy and Associates, a project management firm, and completed her graduate work in sustainable community development and sustainable behavior.

Hannah likes to travel to experience different cultures and environments and has lived in Australia and Ireland. While not evaluating utility programs, Hannah can usually be found dancing or reading with her two children. She also enjoys Washington’s parks and spends her free time hiking, kayaking, or skiing. Her long-term career goal, inspired after a 6-week wilderness experience during high school, is to help make sustainable behavior easy for the general public.

Hannah holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sociology from Tulane University, and an M.A. in City and Regional Planning from the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University.

Nate Wilairat is a senior consultant at EMI. He is passionate about finding innovative ways of communicating information—including infographics and data visualization—to create understanding and inform decision-making.  

As a member of EMI's Policy, Planning, and Evaluation practice, he has conducted primary and secondary research of energy programs and policies across the U.S. Topics of expertise include building energy benchmarking policies, smart and programmable thermostats, trade ally engagement, and small business energy efficiency programs. He is experienced in using quantitative methods for sample design, trend analysis, and data exploration, and brings a background in environmental policy and economics.

Nate is a year-round bike commuter (through the rain), a regular at the local live music venues, a fluent French speaker, and a diehard Oakland A's fan. He's happiest hanging off rock faces or catching the sunrise from a peak.

Nate has a B.A. in Environmental Analysis from Pomona College.

Daniel Molvik is a consultant specializing in qualitative market research for program and process evaluations. His expertise includes focus group design and facilitation, web usability testing, leadership development and coaching, and project management. He has conducted focus groups and web usability studies for utilities across the country, including: Hawaii, Washington, Michigan, and Maine. Currently he is leading EMI’s third year market and process assessment of Hawaii’s statewide energy efficiency implementer.

Prior to EMI, his professional experience included work at Puget Sound Energy as an Operations Analyst and Starbucks Coffee Company as a Research Analyst. While at the University of Washington, his academic research focused on the viability of small-scale wind power as a supplemental energy source. Daniel’s current research focus as part of his doctoral program is on leadership development, specifically executive coaching.

Outside of work, Daniel loves to spend time outside with his wife, two young daughters, and golden retriever. In addition, he enjoys motorcycling, collecting wine, traveling, and staying at the cutting edge of new technologies. To catch him during the week, just jump on Seattle’s commuter train where you will find him enjoying the scenic ride home through the northwest.

Daniel holds a M.A. in Policy Studies with an emphasis on Energy Policy from the University of Washington, a B.A. in Policy, Ethics, and Human Behavior from the University of Washington, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Seattle Pacific University. Horizontal Rule


Kristin Goodsell is a consultant at EMI. Kristin recently graduated from Stanford University where she pursued a degree in Earth Systems, an interdisciplinary program with a focus on Energy, Science, and Technology. Kristin is interested in how energy technologies are developed and applied.

As an undergraduate, Kristin pursued independent research on renewable distributed-generation systems in Alaska, identifying technological, environmental and economical challenges and making recommendations for future research and development. Kristin is interested in the interdisciplinary nature of energy, and how this multi-faceted understanding of energy can contribute to the development and deployment of more sustainable energy systems.

While at Stanford, Kristin was a four-year member of Varsity Lightweight Crew. In her free time, Kristin likes planning adventures, exploring hobbies, and continuing to be an avid athlete.

Kristin holds a B.S. in Earth Systems with a focus in Energy Science and Technology from Stanford University.


Ellie Smith is a consultant at EMI. She is interested in applying qualitative and quantitative methodological frameworks to society's most pressing issues—both social and environmental—in an effort to promote more intentional, equitable, and sustainable outcomes.

Ellie comes to EMI one year after graduating from Colorado College. Throughout her undergraduate career, Ellie pursued the study of economic inequality, social theory, and sociological research methods, while simultaneously working in the community on tenants' rights advocacy, political campaigning, and direct client service. Ellie recently finished her stint as a Colorado College Public Interest Fellow at OMNI Institute in Denver, Colorado. During her tenure, she worked on evaluation and research projects, including large surveillance efforts, participatory research, outcome evaluation, process evaluation, and needs assessments for local non-profits and government agencies.

Ellie enjoys continuing many of the hobbies she acquired in Colorado, including skiing, camping, backpacking, and checking out local breweries. During any given non-work hour, you can find her cooking vegetarian fare, perusing vintage shops, or speaking broken Italian.

Ellie holds a B.A. in Sociology and Urban Studies from Colorado College.

Chelsey Erway is a consultant at EMI. She loves finding connections between things that might appear unrelated and likes to think about concepts and ideas from multiple angles. She brings to EMI her passion for research and analysis and an interest in statistics, economics, and energy issues.

Chelsey joined EMI after graduating from Washington University in St. Louis. An unapologetic food and coffee snob, Chelsey also enjoys cooking, bread baking, ballroom dancing, curling up with a good book, and cycling around Seattle.

Chelsey holds a B.A. in Mathematics and Economics from Washington University in St. Louis and briefly continued her study of economics at the University of Washington. She aims, eventually, to pursue a PhD in Mathematics.

Terry Sullivan is a consultant in EMI’s Policy, Planning, and Evaluation group. His interests lie in quantitative and qualitative program analysis and energy efficiency and renewable energy strategic planning and policy. Prior to joining EMI, Terry worked as an energy research assistant at the University of Washington and as an Industry Efficiency Intern at the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). Before graduate school, he worked for four years as a project manager for a green, commercial contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Outside of the office, Terry enjoys chasing trout and steelhead in Washington’s beautiful rivers, camping, hiking, and skiing in the Cascades, and exploring Seattle’s excellent restaurants and breweries.

Terry holds a B.A. in History from the University of California, Berkeley and recently graduated from the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Affairs with an M.P.A., where he specialized in quantitative analysis and energy policy.

Rebecca Craven is a project assistant at EMI, and provides staff with administrative and project assistance wherever needed. She brings an extensive background in administrative support, as well as editing and writing, to her position. Prior to EMI her previous workplaces included Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival and the Smithsonian Institution.

Rebecca grew up about an hour north of Seattle and remains madly in love with the Pacific Northwest. She can frequently be found on urban hikes throughout Seattle, at the library, enjoying live music, riding her bike, visiting museums, doing yoga, volunteering, and otherwise gallivanting about town.

Rebecca holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Smith College.

Matt Hansen is EMI’s Finance and Accounting specialist, handling a variety of tasks including financial planning, accounting and financial analysis to support the operations and continued success of the company. Prior to joining EMI, he spent two years working for an incredibly large local aerospace company in their business analysis department surrounding the production and development of a certain dream airplane with battery problems. In his new role at EMI, Matt is getting into the details of the financial health and operations of the company, working with Greg Lewis to provide further financial insight, analysis and reporting to leadership.

Outside of work, Matt’s time is spent doing virtually one thing – preparing for his CPA exams. When his nose isn’t in a book he enjoys spending as much time in the beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors as possible, whether it be skiing up at one of the many not so snowy mountains, hiking, playing soccer, bouldering or cheering on any of our normally sub-par sports teams (with the highly notable exception of the Seahawks).

Matt holds a BBA in Accounting and Finance from Gonzaga University, and hopes they won’t break his heart again.

Greg Lewis is EMI's Operations Manager, handling a wealth of bookkeeping, accounts payable and account management and administrative functions.

Greg brings a wealth of diverse experience to EMI, spanning more than ten years with emphasis in areas such as information technology, curriculum development and training, accounting information systems, and human resource development. Rounding out his diverse skill set, Greg recently proclaimed himself a certified IKEA workstation installation technician. With the depth and breadth of his experience, Greg prefers the title “Factotum”. Specifically at EMI, Greg is responsible for most of the accounting functions, monthly reporting and invoicing for management decisions.

In his spare time, Greg usually enjoys all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer outdoors, but currently spends most of it rebuilding Epilogue, a David Pedrick designed sloop with which he plans to combine his love of sailing with his background in group facilitation and psychology and provide experiential sailing trips for groups in the Puget Sound waters and beyond.

Greg holds a B.A. in Urban Planning, Geography and Geology from Virginia Tech and an M.A. in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology in Seattle, WA.